Amos is a prolific freelance blog writer and an affiliate marketer

Hello World!

Amos Mwaniki here. I am an established freelance blog writer and a committed Affiliate marketer. I am also the founder of Amoh4u.

Wondering about the name? Most of my allies nickname me as Amoh (derived from Amos). Amoh4u (Amoh for you) typically means Amos has your back when it comes to your web content needs or making it easy to find a product online.

You will undoubtedly agree with me that it’s hurting to trust a writer to take care of your website and they eventually fail you. The same case applies to when outsourcing your content needs to a writer but at the end of it all, give copy-pasted content.

My points of excellence

Firstly, your sets of instructions really matter a lot to me. I have over the recent past, written sales copies, homepages for superior blogs out there, and posts meant for blogs.

I start off by listening to what exactly you need your content customized for. My “writing reflex” then gives me the ability to craft your preferred content.

Secondly, I create web content. This is a pain point for many a freelancer. Most curate the content already existing on the web. I do such by creating an outline. It acts as a guide in which I will focus my content.

Thirdly, and most importantly, I am a specialist. As aforementioned, I used to write sales copies. However, I of late focus on giving converting blog post writing services.

I understand the power of Search Engine Optimization and can help your site rank among the first on the search engines.

Pro Tip: SEO isn’t enough. SEO + Advertising is.

Lastly, guaranteed services are my weakness. There is no particular way and day you’ll ever get unmet thresholds. If need be, I have the necessary writing tools to combat plagiarism and grammatical errs.


Fiverr is an awesome platform. I have made several sales there.

I am a sought-after freelancer every other time on Fiverr. Most of my gig-buyers are repetitive customers, thanks to my writing prowess.

All the 5-stars on my Fiverr profile can send a cool gesture. Be sure to check out my Fiverr profile here.

Feel free to contact me via amos@amo4u.com or +254 707492214 and let’s get talking about my services.