Blessed CBD Review: Are they worth your time and money?

Blessed CBD Review

Blessed CBD focuses on quality CBD products and not quantity. I can refer to them as specialists as they manufacture CBD oils and creams as of the moment. This kind of specialization is a proper gimmick to being the ultimate best brand in the UK.

Nonetheless, let’s have a glance at this Blessed CBD review.

The Centre for Medical Cannabis UK reports that the popularity of CBD in the United Kingdom “has “reached a level of market penetration that’s unlikely to dissipate with consumers across age groups and classes, not just trendsetting millennials.”

There is an estimation of 4-6 million people in the UK (or preferably 8-11%) of adult CBD users. To the greatest extent, this can get attributed to the hype surrounding the usage of CBD in other countries like the USA.

Essentially, this means that there is the emergence of more CBD companies, and that competition is stiff. This surge in the occurrence of even more CBD brands brings us to our topic in question – understanding the Blessed CBD UK brand.

About Blessed CBD

CBD got legalized in the UK in January 2017. This saw to it that the usage of the product got legalized, and there was the validation of this natural pain relief product.

As a family, they celebrated the move and started consuming different CBD products. However, something was amiss. The quality of the US CBD products was far much better as compared to the products in the UK.

Also, it used to be extremely expensive to order CBD products directly from the USA as most companies focused on shipping their goodies to Americans only.

As ill-luck would have it, the then available UK CBD brands were ridiculously annoying when it came to shipping and the quality of the oil.

The family got tired of the very madness and decided to dig deeper and produce Blessed CBD products that contain actual CBD oil and not hemp seed oil. Blessed CBD got launched in early 2019.

Nonetheless, I will agree that they haven’t provided sufficient information about the names of their owners. Today, you can find Blessed CBD in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Substantially, their mission statement gets rounded around the CBD products lacking the quality comparable to those in the USA.

Importantly, Blessed CBD UK doesn’t operate in a Brick and Mortar manner. That said, you can only expect to purchase any of their products online ONLY.

Blessed CBD Review: The quality of their hemp plants

Blessed CBD uses hemp plant strains derived from super licensed and organic farms. They get committed to ensuring that their hemp strains are of the highest quality, purely natural, free of heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and any other toxic materials.

They mention the US and Scandinavia as the general regions where they source their hemp from. It wouldn’t hurt if they disclosed the specific parts of the areas mentioned above, either.

Blessed CBD Review: Their products and quality

As of the moment, Blessed CBD mostly deals in CBD oils and creams. All their products are full-spectrum in nature.

This typically means that Blessed CBD uses the whole hemp plant to extract the different cannabinoids of hemp and CBD.

Blessed CBD oils and creams harbor terpenes, flavonoids, and up to 0.2% THC. This means that it is considerable to benefit from the entourage effect of CBD without getting high when using any of their products.

As of the moment, their CBD oils come in a 10ml bottle, all with potent phytocannabinoid-rich oils.

Also, as previously mentioned, Blessed CBD focuses on quality and quantity. Being specialists in the manufacturing game means you can only expect thought-of products every other time you purchase from them.

To ascertain that they are transparent and that their products are of the best quality, Blessed CBD works closely with 3rd party labs to test their products for quality, cannabinoid profiles, and products’ quality. They then publish their laboratory reports on their website. 

They use the C02 extraction method to manufacture their products, and as you perhaps know, that is the best extraction procedure of CBD to have the purest products with you.

Also, they use hemp seed oil as the base oil in extracting their full-spectrum CBD. This is undoubtedly the right approach.

Blessed CBD is a caring company as well. They have a disclaimer at the footer of their website to ensure everyone is safe as they order their oil. For instance, they insist that those who are under 18, are pregnant, nursing, or under medication for fear of harmful interaction.

Blessed CBD 750mg Pain Relief Cream – the most in demand

Now that you have read the different Blessed CBD products, you could be curious to learn their most in-demand product. After taking my ample time scouring the Internet and asking my friends, I have learnt that the Blessed CBD 750mg pain relief cream is the most in-demand. Are you looking forward to fancying it? Then read its description and reviews to get the best overview of the entire product.

Blessed CBD product strengths

As it seems, Blessed CBD mostly gets an edge over its competitors following its high CBD strengths.

Their CBD oils, as of the time of writing this Blessed CBD review UK comes in 3 strengths. These are:

  • 500mg
  • 1000mg
  • 1800mg.

Necessarily, these different strengths help in making any of their users find the best oils that suit their experience and expectations.

For instance, beginner CBD oil users in UK may consider taking the 500mg potency; the intermediates may take the 1000mg strengths, while the veterans may opt for the 1800mg bottles.

Their CBD pain cream UK on the other hand rocks. It contains 750mg of CBD, which is reckonable. 750mg is such a potent strength that it may help in alleviating pain within the shortest possible time it can get imagined.

Blessed CBD pain cream comes in a 50 ml bottle.

Blessed CBD products’ pricing

In a closer overview, it can get said that Blessed CBD UK sells its products depending on the potency ratios.

Let’s see the prices below:

CBD Oil StrengthPrice

Blessed CBD pain relief cream, on the other hand, comes at a €69.95 cost. Unlike their CBD oils that harbor hemp extract and hemp seed oil as the only ingredients, Blessed CBD pain relief cream harbors a myriad of ingredients.

These include CBD itself, Citric acid, Kernel Oil, Potassium Sorbate, and more. This perhaps explains why their cream is somewhat higher priced.

Blessed CBD: How do the products and prices compare?

Blessed CBD is not the most affordable CBD company in the UK. Nonetheless, their prices and the no-filler nature of their products is something that confirms that their products are worth the costs of their products. 

Also, you can purchase their high-quality product using a somewhat subscription method. For example, if you can choose a 3 months supply of their 500mg oil at €109.95; thus saving €25.

On the other hand, you can be sure to save a whopping €50 if you go by the six months plan. Put simply; you will buy the oil for €219.95.

You can save €25 when you decide to buy their CBD cream using the 3-month plan. A fantastic way to save indeed.

Interested in a pain relief cream that has a guarantee to edge out your pain conditions? Think of the Blessed CBD 750mg pain relief cream.

Blessed CBD UK: Their website

While it is understandable that website design and layout may not be the most critical factor when shopping for the best CBD oil in UK, it is a factor to consider. You, nonetheless, don’t have all the time on earth, anyway. Not so?

Well, when it comes to the Blessed CBD UK website, it is worth admiring. You can easily find their products, story, blog section, and more when on their homepage. It is undeniably fantastic.

How to use Blessed CBD products

There are different ways to take CBD products, and the same case applies to Blessed CBD’s oil and cream. For example, you can use the CBD oil sublingually.

By sublingual usage, I am referring to placing the oil beneath the tongue by using a piece of a dropper or even your finger.

Secondly, you can decide to infuse the CBD oil in your food and enjoy garnering the benefits of full-spectrum CBD UK.

When it comes to their CBD cream, you can rub it on the skin, or rather where you are feeling pain, discomfort, or even tiredness after a long day of exercising.

Blessed CBD reviews online

As you will probably see, Blessed CBD has gotten praised on different authority websites like The Mirror, The Herb Mighty, Manchester Evening News, and Reader’s Digest.

When you see on the reviews page of their website, you will also conclude that Blessed CBD reviews are mostly positive. For instance, here are a few of the reviews as of the time of writing this review:

I have received your CBD oil today. I have taken my first dose, and the feeling it gave me is fantastic! It makes me feel in touch with myself, my spirit and my consciousness are aligned. I am grounded, relaxed, calm, and focused. I feel a deep connection to the Cosmos. The pain I have felt in my back is mostly gone. This is an amazing product, and I am entirely grateful for it. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to use it in the future. I really couldn’t have gotten myself a better birthday present 🙂 – Vika Planin

I just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for how much your products have helped with my anxiety & sleeping over the last few months. I started suffering from anxiety & insomnia back in January, which I have never experienced before and was very difficult – I was very against trying the normal anti-anxiety medication prescribed by my GP, given all the side effects you hear about. I decided to try CBD oil from a high-street chain initially; and had some success, which is what led me to research more and find your website and products, which have undoubtedly helped further. I can only thank you and your team for the speedy delivery, even during a global pandemic, which has meant my sleep and anxiety have not been hindered at all – amazing!” – Oliver Hu

Blessed CBD Shipping Policy

Blessed CBD ships and delivers CBD products to Glasgow and Edinburgh the same day an order gets placed, provided it is before 3:00 P.M on Monday through Friday.

For the other UK residents, deliveries get done on the following day after placing an order. Fast delivery times, indeed!

Blessed CBD Review: Highlights

1.    Premium Quality Products

From my research, there is no variation in quality when it comes to Blessed CBD products. The quality you would expect when they first started their brand back in early 2019 is the same today.

Importantly, they produce their products in low batches to ensure that they are ultimately focused on what they do. Note that their products get bought using a wait list on their website, yes, but it is worth it.

Their usage of 3rd party lab tests is also an extreme measure in ensuring that quality products come your way only.

2.    Timely shipping

There is nothing like disappointments when it comes to the shipping and delivery times when purchasing Blessed CBD products. They deliver products in the following day for UK residents, irrespective of the order volumes.

3.   Savings in the long-term

If you would like to save some cash, be sure to purchase your products using their long-term plans. Saving up to €50 is genuinely fantastic.

Blessed CBD Review: Downlights

  1. Their prices are not the most affordable
  2. They deal in a short line of CBD products; CBD oils and creams.

Why has CBD become such popular in UK?

You may be wondering what has made different CBD brands like Blessed CBD have come into existence. Well, the most-straight-forward answer is that CBD has a plethora of anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiolytic, and anti-epileptic properties.

That said, brands like Blessed CBD target to help UK residents benefit from all those benefits, without having the users to worry about being sold hemp seed oil in the name of the miraculously functioning products – CBD oil and creams in UK.

Why do I recommend Blessed CBD UK?

I want to help you make a concrete decision when shopping for CBD products in UK. The following reasons not only apply for Blessed CBD but to all other super CBD brands.

Nonetheless, a somewhat expensive process does not always translate into high-quality products.

·         The usage of natural hemp

As mentioned previously, the Blessed CBD company sources its hemp strains from the USA. That is genuinely commendable since stringent laws are surrounding the cultivation of hemp in the USA and EU.

·         The usage of the C02 extraction technique

It is undeniable that the CO2 extraction technique of CBD from hemp is the best for getting high-quality products. The products are mostly pure and maintain all the beneficial phytocannabinoids.

That said, you will benefit from CBD products that maintain their cannabinoid profiles, are pure, and don’t get you high.

·         Availability of lab test results at a glance

While the unregulated nature of the CBD industry in UK sees to it that it isn’t a must for the companies to disclose their lab results, Blessed CBD goes the extra mile and ensures that their customers can know what they are paying for hassle-freely.

Blessed CBD Coupon/ Discount Codes

Blessed CBD doesn’t have loads of promos as they mostly let their customers do the talk. Unlike most other brands that use a plentitude of promos to lure customers into buying products, Blessed CBD gives the users a 10% off coupon code.

Click here, head over to the bottom-most part of their website, and claim their coupon code after adding your email address.

Also, benefit from Blessed CBD’s long-term savings plan through buying their oils or creams through their long-term “subscription” plans.

Blessed CBD Review: Are they worth your cash?

As seen in this Blessed CBD UK review, they are making strides, and this confirms why different UK authority sites and user testimonials recommend them.

Buy their stellar-quality CBD oil and cream and benefit from their potent Cannabidiol products the next day.

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