Can I buy CBD Oil UK Amazon Today? Possible Solutions

CBD oil uk amazon

CBD oil UK Amazon: Undeniably, Amazon is among the most dependable sites for online shopping globally. However, in a closer look, their marketing practices and regulations disqualify them from being a reliable source to buy CBD online in the UK.

While I agree that this statement is significant, I will break down every detail to the entirety. Let’s answer, “can I sell hemp oil on Amazon?”

Well, Amazon officials clearly say that CBD products should not get sold on Amazon UK or any other website of theirs. Nonetheless, there is leniency as if you do a quick search on “CBD oil Amazon UK,” you will see links directing you to their website.

This is thanks to sly wording and tricky advertising that ends up “confusing” their search algorithms. This means that unscrupulous sellers are distributing Amazon CBD oil on their marketplace.

Why do some users buy CBD oil UK Amazon?

Mostly, I can say it’s ignorance. Note that it is ONLY legal to buy hemp seed oil on Amazon and NOT CBD oil.

Note that there critical differences between hemp seed oil and CBD oil. For instance, the hemp seed oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant, while CBD oil is extracted from hemp plant matter.

Hemp plant matter, in this case, refers to the leaves, stalks, and the flowers of the hemp plant.

So, the buyers make a few clicks on CBD oil amazon UK and place their order. What they don’t know is that the sly wording in the product description will end up giving them hemp seed oil, and that which doesn’t contain the different cannabinoid benefits associated with CBD oil.

Even if you see top-selling CBD oil on Amazon, some shady vendors use keywords like “hemp oil” instead of CBD oil to evade the Amazon AI security scan, shocker.

Put simply; human ingenuity plays a critical role in allowing some CBD distributors to circumvent the Amazon security system and sell their illegal and unregulated products to unsuspecting online buyers.

How do some companies sell CBD on Amazon?

The product listings of CBD companies on Amazon won’t mention CBD on their titles or product descriptions. The failure to mention the term Cannabidiol is an extreme measure to dodge the Amazon ban. 

In fact, the CBD products could be genuine, but using that loophole to boost their sales to unsuspecting Amazon UK customers or those uneducated about CBD in UK Amazon.

Others could be unscrupulous sellers, too.

Where can I buy pure CBD oil in the UK?

As emphasized in this write-up, you can be sure to judge that nothing is like pure CBD oil Amazon UK. That said, it is advisable to get to the CBD manufacturers themselves and buy your best CBD capsules, CBD gummies in the UK, or even CBD bath bombs from them.

Some ways to ensure that you are getting pure CBD oil products in the UK is filtering the brands as follows:

  • Up to 0.2% THC levels
  • The listing of the CBD content on the product labels
  • Availability of laboratory tests
  • All-natural ingredients and pure hemp
  • CBD that doesn’t contain any medical claims.

With that said, I can recommend different CBD brands that I have tested and found to be fantastic for purchasing the best CBD oil in the UK.

1.    Blessed CBD

Blessed CBD is a family-owned CBD company that specializes in manufacturing CBD oils and creams. They have been voted to be the best CBD oil company by The Mirror, HerbMighty, and Manchester Evening News.

As of the moment, they manufacture their CBD oils in 3 different strengths. These are 500mg, 1000mg, and 1800mg.

Their 500mg bottle is ideal for beginners, 1000mg for those with intermediate experience in consuming CBD, while their 1800mg bottle is the most potent and ideal for veteran CBD users.

The best item of news that you will perhaps hear today about buying CBD online in the UK is that Blessed CBD delivers its products the following day.

Most importantly, their CBD oil is full-spectrum in nature and contains terpenes and flavonoids to make the users remain benefitting from all the phytocannabinoids.

They source their non-GMO hemp from Colorado, which is the best place to get the highest-quality hemp and that which has no pesticides or insecticides.

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Click here to visit Blessed CBD and buy affordable CBD oil today.

2.    CBD Life UK

CBD Life deals in a plentitude of CBD products. Their CBD oil potency ratios, as of the moment, are 400mg, 500mg, 1000mg, and 2000mg.

They are a direct manufacturer that sources their hemp from farms around the European Union. They create their CBD oil products in the North East and South Shields in UK.

Not every farm CBD Life UK sources their hemp from has an organic certification, which is why they don’t claim to use organic hemp in manufacturing their UK CBD Oil.

Click here to buy CBD oil from CBD Life UK today.

3.    Holistic Hemp Scotland

Holistic Hemp Scotland is known for producing high-quality CBD oils and different other CBD products at pocket-friendly prices.

They extract their CBD using the CO2 method. Their full-spectrum hemp extract gets sourced from organically-cultivated hemp plants in the European Union.

As mentioned on the different bottles on their site, their oils have 5% and 10% CBD and CBDA raw strengths.

They avail the individual 3rd party lab results of the CBD oils on their site.

Click here and buy CBD oil from Holistic Hemp Scotland today.

4.    Provacan

Provacan sells different CBD products, with different strengths, and of course, prices. 

They use 100% organic CBD, which is produced following the stringent regulations of cultivation in the UK.

Their product potency ratios range anywhere between 300mg and 2400mg, which typically means that there is an accommodating product for everyone.

Provacan CBD oil is full-spectrum in nature, which means you can expect to feel the entourage effect while taking their products.

Provacan CBD Oil UK Amazon: Is there anything of such sort? Well, the answer is a resounding NO. As mentioned above, Amazon UK doesn’t permit the selling of CBD products on their website and so, you cannot buy Provacan CBD products on Amazon. Instead, you can do so on their website.

Click here to buy any of Provacan CBD oil products. After that, use CBD10LIFE as your coupon code and save 10% off the regular price.

The takeaway: Can I Sell Hemp Oil on Amazon UK?

The response is a resounding NO. The labels hemp seed oil could actually refer to CBD oil, and we never know. That CBD oil could be having little to no cannabinoids in it, which means you won’t get any potential health benefits of CBD.

Instead of having to worry about the product that you are purchasing, buy directly from the legal CBD UK brands mentioned above, and I am sure that you will be getting value for any dime spent on CBD oil in the United Kingdom.

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