Understanding Industrial Hemp to the entirety


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There are three species of the genus Cannabis. These comprise Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Ruderalis.

With that said we are going to focus on Cannabis Sativa, which is the parental figure to our topic in discussion – Industrial Hemp or Hemp.

Hemp and marijuana are cousins; which typically means that they descend from Cannabis Sativa. You can be sure to learn more about cannabis here.

History of Industrial Hemp

Historical evidence shows that hemp originates from Himalayas, Asia. Historians believe that Industrial Hemp was firstly used by Taiwan citizens over 100 centuries ago.

Traditional uses of hemp

Among Taiwan residents, they used industrial hemp for decorating pottery works and manufacturing clothes.

In fact, it is believed that industrial hemp remains to be the first dedicated plant in the textile industry.

Others used industrial hemp for ritual purposes as they believed it was a special gift from their gods.

Modern industrial hemp uses

Today, there are more than 50K industrial hemp uses, which means there are any industrial hemp farms.

Some of the most common uses of industrial hemp today include:

1.    Hemp as food

A mature hemp plant has leaves, stalks, flowers, and seeds all of which are primal parts. Hemp seeds are used as food by many people.

One can eat them raw, dry them into sprout powder or grind the hemp seeds into hemp meal.

Others tweak hemp seeds into liquid form and bake using the liquid or make it to manufacture hemp herbal teas/tisanes or hemp milk.

Additionally, there are those who used the cold pressing technique to manufacture hemp seed oil, which has high amounts of unsaturated fatty acids. The oil then gets used for baking purposes or infusing it in beverages.

Leaves from hemp can also get used as vegetable salads or getting pressed to manufacture hemp juice.

2.    Hemp as a dietary supplement

Apart from getting used as food, industrial hemp seeds can be used for upping the number of calories in the body.

100g hemp seeds harbor 586 calories. These seeds harbor 49% fats, 31% proteins, 5% water and 5% carbohydrates.

3.    Extracting Hemp CBD

Hemp CBD, an abbreviation for Cannabidiol is a favorite to many cannabis enthusiasts today. Even though both marijuana and industrial hemp can produce CBD, the amounts in marijuana are so trace.

Extracting CBD from hemp involves the usage of Carbon, ethanol or hydrocarbons to derive Cannabidiol from hemp plant matter.

The needed parts to extract Cannabidiol from hemp include the leaves, flowers and stalk systems. 

Cannabidiol from hemp can then get used for these benefits.

4.    Industrial Hemp Fiber

The usage of hemp didn’t lag behind. In these modern days, hemp gets used to extract fiber, which then gets to be used in making canvas products.

That is why, we can purchase hemp dresses, hemp sweaters, and hemp shoes today. In fact, if you see a canvas product, higher chances are that the material used is hemp, specifically.

Canvas is extracted from cannabis.

5.    Hempcrete

The combination of hemp and lime brings about hempcrete.

In the construction industry, hempcrete gets used for insulation purposes.

6.    Bioplastic

Since 2002, most automobiles’ composite panels get manufactured from hemp fiber, flax, kenaf, and fiberglass.

Among the companies that use these composite panels comprise BMW, Mercedes, and Audi.

7.    Hemp Paper

The fibers of the industrial hemp plant give rise to hemp paper. Some papers made of hemp fiber comprise banknotes and cigarette paper.

8.    Industrial Hemp Stocks

Some investors have been keeping a close eye on industrial hemp prices and it’s undoubtedly certain that they will smile their way to the bank in the near future.

Using industrial hemp as the ultimate resource to invest in industrial hemp stock is truly a fantastic way to keep oneself over the competition.

The cannabis industry can’t go down – not anytime soon if it ever will.

If you are aware of the industrial hemp prices and would like to invest in the industry, then I believe that this guide is a game-changer.

That said, hemp stock is here to stay, and could be a safe haven for those who seized the available opportunities as early as today. Buy your hemp stocks and rest assured of having invested your cash somewhere safe.

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That should tell you that investing in Hemp Inc Hemp Stock should be in your top list of priorities if at all you would like to be an investor in such kind of stocks.

9. Hemp for Pain Relief

Have you ever read about Hempvana Amazon? Well, Hempvana is a pain relief supplement made from industrial hemp.

Made by Nutraderm INC., Hempvana pain relief from hemp seed oil, this product helps in relieving pain, stiffness on the body, and different forms of inflammation in the body.

How Hempvana works

One applies the Hempvana cream topically on the affected part of the skin. Hempvana Amazon then penetrates into the skin and ends up sinking deeper into the skin, where it addresses the pain point.

The application isn’t dependent on time nor does it have any specific formula, provided it’s applied on the outer skin.

Thankfully, Hempvana has been approved by the FDA; thus, making it a safe product.

Cultivating Hemp

Before digging deeper into how you can cultivate hemp, you need to ensure that its cultivation is legal in your country and that it meets the necessary specifications.

For instance, industrial hemp in the United States is any Cannabis Sativa plant that harbors up to 0.3% THC, while it has to have up to 0.2% THC across European Nation countries.

Cultivating industrial hemp starts from purchasing industrial hemp seeds. The maturity of industrial hemp from seed planting takes anywhere between three and four months.

Mature hemp plants can grow up to 16 feet. That is 5 meters.

Where to buy the best industrial hemp seeds

My research from Trust Pilot and other credible pieces of write-ups show that the best industrial hemp seeds come from:

  1. Seedsman
  2. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

I agree that you may come across contradictory pieces of write-ups about the seeds from these two companies, yes, but what I am pretty sure is that their hemp seeds are the best for your industrial hemp farms.

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