The famous cannabis plant.  It has a myriad of natural chemical compounds, also referred to as cannabinoids. Most readers keep on asking me, “what is CBD?” Cannabidiol, or simply CBD…

It is no brainer that Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is one of the oldest cannabis seed banks on the Internet today. Today, there are specific strains that get referred to as…

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The autoflowering seed mix pack incorporates autoflowering cannabis seeds that are feminized in nature, and as the name gives away, these beans flower automatically, where in some cases, this gets referred to as photoperiodism. 

CBD oil UK Amazon: Undeniably, Amazon is among the most dependable sites for online shopping globally. However, in a closer look, their marketing practices and regulations disqualify them from being…

Blessed CBD Review

Blessed CBD focuses on quality CBD products and not quantity. I can refer to them as specialists as they manufacture CBD oils and creams as of the moment. This kind of specialization is a proper gimmick to being the ultimate best brand in the UK.

Nonetheless, let’s have a glance at this Blessed CBD review.

CBD bath bombs UK

There are different ways to use CBD products UK to address a myriad of pain points. Among the trending ways to introduce Cannabidiol today is the usage of CBD bath bomb UK. CBD bath bombs are primal for giving that orgasmic relief and relaxation from all types of tension.

But before we dig any deeper, let’s have a glance at…

The Centre for Medical Cannabis projects the UK CBD market to hit £1 billion by 2025. These stats seem promising owing to the fact that there is a surge in…

Struggling with pain is undoubtedly disheartening. The situation becomes even more daunting where the pain tends to prevent you from undertaking your daily tasks or failing to adhere to your…

CBD gummies UK

There is a myriad of ways to take CBD. Among the most searched foods in the United Kingdom is CBD gummies UK. Do you also know that the number has increased today since you are also reading what these nuggets are?

Well, first things first…

hemp tea recipe

Let’s face it; you like tea, and that’s why you are here. However, did you know that you do not only need tea leaves to make some good tea? Well, you may use industrial hemp leaves in your hemp tea recipe.

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Probably you have heard or read about the weed day. While it may be a gray area to comprehend to the latter, I hope that this 420 ultimate guide will help you in understanding this weed holiday. In debunking every other detail, we are going to see the myths that surround the “420 code” so that we may get a crystal clear understanding.