Provacan CBD Oil: Explore the 5 irresistible Strengths

If you are an avid UK CBD follower or user, then the highest chances are that you know the Provacan CBD oil for what it really is. CBD oils are surging in the UK and likewise, the number of users.

Did you know that there are 5 different types of Provacan CBD oils? In this Provacan CBD oil review, we are going to look at these and dive even deeper into what you need to know about the Provacan Cannabidiol oils.

Comparison Table for Provacan CBD Oil

Provacan CBD 300mg CBD Oil300MG34.99
Provacan CBD oil 600mg600MG39.99
Provacan CBD oil 1200mg1200MG69.99
Provacan CBD oil 2400mg2400MG119.99
Provacan CBD oil paste 2500mg2500MG129.99
Provacan CBD massage oil 100mg100MG19.99

1.Provacan CBD oil 300mg

300mg CBD Oil

The Provacan CBD oil 300mg is the budget tincture with the least potency. As we always recommend, you will need to start from a lower CBD dose and work your way up. With that in mind, this CBD oil Provacan is the ideal beginning point.

The CBD percentage in a 300mg bottle is 3%, and as such, there is no much worry about struggling with any side effects of CBD oil for a beginner. 

How to use Provacan 300mg CBD Oil

While provacan have made the details on usage available on their website, we are going to give you the sneak-peek on how to go about it. 

In a single drop of the 300mg CBD oil, there is 1.5mg of CBD. You need to take a maximum of 3 servings daily. 

You need to place the dropper serving beneath the tongue and hold the CBD oil between 1 and 1.5 minutes. 

For a rare case where the CBD oil doesn’t seem to work to your expectation, note that this is the minimum strength and you can work your way up and buy a stronger bottle of CBD oil. 

Is the Provacan CBD Oil 300MG for you?

This oil comes in a 10ml bottle, where, even 1ml of the oil contains 30mg of CBD along with other phytocannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, and CBC. 

Thanks to the entourage effect, these phytocannabinoids work in unison to give more profound effects. So, the 300mg CBD oil is for you if you are looking for a budget bottle of CBD oil, are starting out with the CBD journey, or you want to solve a mild condition. 

2. Provacan CBD Oil 600mg

600mg CBD Oil

The Provacan CBD Oil 600mg is one of the most popular Cannabidiol oil in UK today. This CBD oil is manufactured using the stellar cannabis research approach that their parent Company, CiiTech uses. 

If you are more experienced in using CBD, then you don’t have to start from the bottom and buy the CBD oil 300mg from Provacan. Put simply, the 600mg strength is your perfect solution. 

This oil has a strength of 6%. It comes in a 10ml bottle where in each serving, you expect to imbibe 3mg of CBD. 

Other phytocannabinoids you expect to be present in your bottle of Provacan 600mg CBD oil are CBN, CBC, and CBG. 

3. Provacan CBD Oil 1200mg

1200mg CBD Oil

If a high CBD dose will do you justice, then the Provacan CBD Oil 1200mg is the best choice for you.

With a CBD strength of 12%, this 1200mg CBD oil from Provacan is perfect for intermediates searching for a balance of value for each cent and incredible hemp extract. 

The 1200mg Provacan CBD oil comes in a 10ml bottle and this means in each ml of the oil, there is 120mg of the oil. 

Along with the CBD, the Provacan CBD oil UK also harbors CBN, CBG, CBC, CBDa, CBDv, and other phytocannabinoids of hemp. 

Is Provacan CBD Oil 1200mg for you?

This Provacan CBD oil UK is flavourless and while at this, please note that it comes in an earthy taste. 

The best way to use it is through the sublingual consumption method where you place some oil beneath the tongue and hold it there for between 1 and 1.5 minutes and then swallow it. Also, you can infuse it to your food or beverage should the taste be a turn off for you. 

Across every drop, you will consume 6mg of this Provacan CBD oil. Necessarily, you will need two drops daily and your CBD requirements will have been met. However, it is not one-size-fits all. 

4. Provacan CBD Oil 2400mg

2400mg CBD Oil (Limited Edition)

The premium Provacan CBD Oil 2400mg cuts the edge on what can get referred to as unique. 24% CBD strength UK is not the potency you will find across every other CBD-selling website. 

This Provacan CBD oil comes in a 10ml dropper cap bottle. For every ml of this CBD oil, the user takes 240 mg of CBD. 

The consumption process is as straightforward as it can get because like the other Provacan CBD oils mentioned above, you will need to place the oil beneath the tongue and keep going. 

It enhances the entourage effect as this oil provides other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBC, and loads more as you will find in the 3rd party lab sheets. 

Your perfect choice?

If you are a veteran in taking CBD oil, then you can nod that you will require a premium product and the Provacan CBD oil 2400mg makes the cut. 

This is a full-spectrum CBD product and you will need to know that it contains less than 0.02% THC, way less THC as per the UK Law (0.2% THC). 

5. Provacan CBD Oil Paste 2500mg

2500mg CBD Paste

The Provacan CBD Oil 2500mg paste is perfect for those looking for 50%CBD along with 14 other phytocannabinoids. 

This Provacan CBD oil paste is ideal for those looking forward to getting the highest CBD dosage without breaking a sweat. 

The dosage is similar to the other Provacan oils as you will need to use the syringe and measure the strength of your choice. After that, you will squeeze it onto the nail oil finger and place the CBD oil paste beneath the tongue and allow the blood vessels to absorb it within 1 and 1.5 minutes. 

In a single dosing, please note that you will be getting 100mg of CBD. This now calls for a real veteran as this is not the strength for the amateur. 

Related Product: Provacan CBD Massage Oil 100mg

CBD massage oil 50 ml with box

How much do you value soothing massage? The Provacan CBD Massage oil 100mg is perfect for post and pre-workout to keep the deep tissues relaxed. 

Harbouring eucalyptus, ginger root, and rice bran oil, this CBD massage oil UK. With a pump lid, this Provacan CBD oil comes in a 50ml bottle, and so there is no much worry about having your product getting depleted at one go. 

As this massage oil UK is made using all-natural products, some use it during intimacy and report fantastic results. 

To use it, just apply it topically on the intended organ and be patient to receive the results. 

Provacan CBD Oil Benefits

We get it that you are looking forward to reading the Provacan CBD oil benefits before making a buying decision. These are the benefits you will accrue when you buy Provacan CBD oils.

  • Full-spectrum CBD Oils

Provacan CBD oils are full-spectrum in nature and this is one of the factors that set apart Provacan from the other CBD UK companies. 

Provacan CBD Oil contains cannabis phytocannabinoids such as minute amounts of THC (0.02%), THCVa, CBN, CBC, CBG, CBDc, and CBDa. 

According to research, full-spectrum CBD is far much better than CBD isolate or even broad-spectrum when it comes to providing relief and dosages. 

Provacan CBD oil UK also maintains terpenes and these mean the flavor is more standing out. The combination of the terpenes and cannabis phytocannabinoids leads to the entourage effect, which in turn means that Provacan CBD oils in UK provide all the expected CBD effects. 

  • Research-Backed CBD Oil

CiiTech is the parent company for Provacan. CiiTech is a cannabis research company that is knowledgeable about anything CBD and this explains why Prpvacan churns out those many CBD oils and with the highest CBD potencies. 

Necessarily, most CBD oils UK have a potency of 0.5-1mg of CBD per drop. With Provacan CBD Oil 2400mg, though, you rest assured that you are getting a high potency of up to 24mg per single drop. This Provacan CBD oil benefit can be attributed to the research put in place by CiiTech. 

  • Organic Raw Materials Used in Production

To get the final CBD oil, Provacan uses the CO2 extraction method which is proven to be the most effective for getting the purest oil. 

Before then, the hemp used in manufacturing Provacan CBD oil gets cultivated using organically-cultivated hemp plants. After that, the mature hemp gets compressed and immersed into solventless CO2 where the CO2 pulls the CBD from the hemp plant matter (leaves and flowers). 

In the long run, Provacan CBD oil UK is pure and safe as the raw materials and extraction method used rock. 

Provacan CBD Oil Review: Final Thoughts 

As we end this Provacan CBD oil review, we are dead sure that you have obtained the desired information about Provacan CBD oil. We are certain that this is the right CBD oil for you, and that which will enhance your wellness with the least worries about safety, efficiency, and for the best monetary value. 

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