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Probably you have scavenged the internet for as long as you can remember trying to find the best cannabis seeds. Nonetheless, you have kept getting a plentitude of cannabis seedbanks. As much as making a concrete decision can get daunting, this Seedsman seeds review should come in handy in separating the wheat from the chaff. Be sure to read on.

About Seedsman

Seedsman Seeds Company has been into existence since 2003. They have been selling the best collection of cannabis seeds online since its inception. Most of the Seedsman reviews have been positive. The same case applies to the feedback – positive to a greater extent.

It is, nevertheless, worth mentioning that there have been a few stinkers online, which is typically the case with most online businesses if not all.

They have a Great Review on Trustpilot. At the time of writing this Seedsman Seeds Review 2020, they have a 4-star rating out of the 11,388 reviews.

From their About Us page, we can see that their mission is to “help preserve cannabis genetics for future generations while promoting the need to control and regulate cannabis under a legal framework.”

With that said, I must applaud them for their commitment to ensuring that they slash some of their profits and distributing it to help in the legalization of marijuana worldwide.

Unlike many other cannabis seed companies, Seedsman primarily deals in re-selling seeds from other banks. They have a meagre number of own strains.

They have a blog section, which is more of an educational arena. You can be sure to learn anything about cannabis, different strains, and any other cannabis area of your choice on the blog.

Seedsman Seeds Review – Seeds Quality

As mentioned above, Seedsman Seeds primarily deals with re-selling cannabis seeds from other top seedbanks. With that said, they do quality tests on behalf of the buyer and repackage them for shipment.

To a greater extent, this sees to it that they have a wide assortment and can reach out to as many buyers as possible. Some of their premium cannabis seeds include Jack Herer Seedsman.

Their carefulness in quality tests makes them the most dependable company for both small quantity and wholesale seed dealership.

Seedsman Review – Seeds Assortment

It can’t be wrong to say that Seedsman deals in all types of cannabis seeds. They stock more than 3,000 cannabis seeds – all under a single website.

They classify their seeds into:

The classification makes it easy for you to navigate through their site. If for any reason you would like to familiarize yourself with the cultivation of any specific strain, there is a proper layout on their website.

The types of strains and different strain award winners from 2010 are well-incorporated on their homepage.

If you have a particular seed breeder you adore the most and would like to see whether Seedsman has a partnership with them, you can be sure to look at their breeder’s section.

Medical marijuana enthusiasts, are you there? Well, Seedsman has your back. There is a myriad of cannabis seeds tailored for treating specific medical conditions.

Seedsman Review – their website

A website cannot be used as the most significant selling factor. However, we can all unanimously agree that Seedsman com is such a stunning site both on desktop and on mobile.

Cool gestures can get sent to us – that they are committed to ensuring that the customer receives the most seamless experience as they navigate.

Secondly, there are no annoying adverts all through their website. Every click gets directed to the preferred assortment.

You also don’t have to worry about your details getting used for any other purposes than purchasing items from Seedsman. Their site gets secured by Thawte to give you a 100% safe and secure shopping experience.

Payment Options

Depending on your state, being able to pay for your best marijuana seeds can be a nuisance. Fortunately, Seedsman has done their level best to ensure that every customer pays for any of their preferred products hassle-freely.

Among the payment options include:

  • Bitcoin
  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • MasterCard
  • Visa

Seedsman Review: Promos

From time to time, Seedsman Seeds offers different promos to make you enjoy continuous deals. For instance, they provide price discounts, free shipping, and free seeds for every shipping. At the end of this sub-topic, I will answer whether Seedsman has a superior freebies scam.

As of the moment, if you pay using Bitcoin, you can get up to 25% off on every order and four more seeds for free. An opportunity worth seizing asap!

To get updated promotions as they occur, be sure to click their promos section.

It is fantastic to let you know early in advance that you can only receive any of their freebies if you sign up on their newsletter. It can seem to be a marketing gimmick to keep you locked, yes, but it is worth it.

They send invaluable pieces of information to their subscribers, making it even better and more comfortable to cultivate your seeds.

Under most circumstances, their freebies are on a “while stock lasts” basis or for orders conducted online. That said, it is unpredictable to know up to when a specific promo can end, and when another can get held. Take advantage of the moment you see any ongoing offer.

In this Seedsman Review 2020, we have found that if you order seeds over €100 (excluding VAT and shipping costs), you are eligible for a 7.5% cash discount on the cart checkout.

Another considerable promo is their Seedsman 2020 loyalty program. The loyalty program caters for customers who may find some of the seeds missing or damaged (though rare).

The customer gets reimbursed with their loyalty program points and not getting replacements for the mishap.

When you have a birthday, you can also get 100 free loyalty points. Completion of the first purchase order or subscription to their newsletter earns you loyalty points, too.

The accumulation of 50 loyalty points is automatically equal to €1 off any order. The more loyalty points you have, the more price discounts you can get. 

And wait, you won’t encounter any superior freebies scam on Seedsman.

Seedsman Customer Service

While most online companies don’t walk their talk in the way they attend to their customers, it is a different case, at least with Seedsman Com.

Should you have any clarification to seek, a problem with your order, or after their sales services, they strive as much as possible to respond within 48 hours.

The best way to contact them is through their email address on the website. For even more prompt response, you can be sure to contact them through their phone number.

It is excellent if you read their FAQs section before contacting them. That way, you may find that your concern has been handled to the entirety; thus, making you save on time and any kind of frustration whatsoever.

Seedsman Seeds Review USA – the packaging

I am one concerned person when it comes to the packaging of any cannabis product, and Seedsman Com seems to have won my heart and those of many others.

They discreetly pack marijuana seeds in such a way that no one can detect what’s in shipment for you. In a significant way, this works fantastically to those who are surrounded by people who stigmatize others due to the cultivation and-or usage of cannabis products, despite them being legal.

I typically like how they package their marijuana seeds – in opaque materials and those that can’t expose the seeds to detrimental factors that can hinder seed growth.

Seedsman Review USA: Shipping and Delivery

Whenever I order anything online, I like it more when I get it within the shortest time possible. And honestly, this is a gray area where Seedsman Seeds ought to improve from 2020 and beyond.

They are somewhat inconsistent in the shipment and delivery times. They can at times deliver the seeds within a short time, and do late deliveries some other times.

However, their standard delivery times within the United Kingdom is within a day to 3 working days. Now that they do worldwide deliveries to wherever marijuana cultivation is legal, it typically takes them anywhere between five and 25 working days.

In Summary: Seedsman Review USA

While Seedsman should improve their shipment delivery, we can unanimously agree that they have made strides in ensuring that the customer can get the best seeds and promotions.

The plentiful aspects to like about them should ring one to your mind – this is the best place to spend your cash for marijuana seeds.

Be sure to purchase using my affiliate link and get more cannabis seeds for free. This is an opportunity you wouldn’t and shouldn’t miss.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links from Seedsman and you can buy seeds such as Jack Herer seedsman at discounted prices. This typically means that I will get a commission if you purchase any seeds using my affiliate link at no extra cost to you. If you buy using my affiliate link, you will get free seeds on any shipment. The higher the order, the more the free seeds!

Be sure to read the full disclosure here.

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