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The autoflowering seed mix pack incorporates autoflowering cannabis seeds that are feminized in nature, and as the name gives away, these beans flower automatically, where in some cases, this gets referred to as photoperiodism. 

Under most circumstances, these seeds can enable you to harvest 4 times in a single year, regardless of the growing time or the subjection to lighting schedules. We can best describe autoflowering marijuana as a cannabis plant that transits from the vegetative phase to the flowering stage without requiring the subjection to specific lighting and darkness schedules.   

We find the autoflowering mix marijuana seeds the best for the wannabe auto grower who is stranded about the perfect autoflowering cannabis seeds. So, what are the best beginner autoflowering seed mix pack? We are going to focus only on the best auto-flowering marijuana seeds that we have trialed and we can comfortably claim to be the utter best. 


If you have been scouring the Internet for quite some time, then there are high chances that you have read the reviews about I Love Growing Marijuana – ILGM. One thing for sure with this brand is that they offer a plentitude of cannabis seeds, and are among the few who have their founder connecting directly with the customer. 

For this very reason, he has produced a Cannabis Grow Bible where he talks about himself since he started growing pot, how he started a blog tailored explicitly for educating his readers about growing pot, and of course, the introduction of his own bred fantastic cannabis seeds such as the Autoflowering seed variety pack. 

This autoflowering mix pack consists of massive-yielders and fast-flowering strains. As of the moment of writing this, the I Love Growing Marijuana Autoflower Mix Pack comprises three different autoflowers, which include Blueberry Auto, Northern Lights Auto, and Amnesia Haze Auto. Besides being autoflowering, we are going to emphasize that the seeds in this Autoflower variety seed pack are all-feminized; thus will give rise to all-female ganja plants. 

Blueberry Auto80% Indica16%2%Euphoric
Amnesia Trance Auto80% Sativa21%MediumUplifting
Northern Lights Auto90% Indica16-21MediumProfoundly relaxing



One of the critical factors that make the ILGM Blueberry strain such famous today is the fact that it packs an incredible entourage effect. With 2% CBD and 16% THC, these cannabis chemical compounds work together in unison to prompt the best delivery of the effects.  

This lady is 80% Indica and 20% Sativa and is one of the most purchased typical Indicas today for a specific reason – she is a deliverer. Her blueberry flavor and berry scent enable her to be the utter best as she provides her standing out euphoric effects. 

The ILGM Blueberry autoflowering marijuana seeds maintain the typical effects of Indica and the plants are mostly short and bushy. We find her ideal for the outdoor cultivation, unless the grower optimizes the indoor environment to suit growing this dope. 

Together with the other two in this ILGM autoflower seed mix pack, we find that, yay, this inclusion was on point. 


If going the indoors way is your best way to go about the cultivation of pot, then the ILGM Northern Lights autoflower are ideal for the indoor growing. This sticky plant with resinous buds has a high THC level ranging between 16 and 21%, where she provides an entire body high with a sense of euphoric effects and mellow mood. 

ILGM Northern Lights autoflowering strain is ideal for nighttime consumption, specifically for unwinding and providing the user with therapeutic effects. Piny flavors, sweet aroma. 

A 90% Indica and 10% Sativa is a keeper for you. 


The highest chances are that you have heard or taken your hit of Amnesia Trance auto some day. The ILGM Amnesia Trance autoflower is a 20% Indica and 80% Sativa, which means she is a daytime beauty to keep your moods elevated, keep you happy, focused, and productive. 

Her amounts of CBD are medium, with the THC range being 21%, she has a citrus scent and flavor, which is, to the greatest extent ideal for providing the ultimate justice to one’s taste buds. 


How can I buy the ILGM Autoflowering Weed Seeds Mix Pack?

Easy. You will need to click here, and you will get directed to the ILGM website, where you will carry out the buying ordeal at no extra cost to you. A catch tailored explicitly for you.

How many seeds are there in the ILGM Autoflower Seeds Mix Pack?

This autoflower mix pack seeds comprises 5 and 10 seeds. Depending on one’s budget they can go for either, and one thing will always be sure – these seeds have a price discount. 

Are the autoflower marijuana seeds variety pack feminized?

Absolutely, all these seeds are feminized, and so you are sure to expect all-female cannabis plants. Besides, these strains won’t require loads of your attention in rotating the lights every other time to ensure there are specific darkness and lighting hours. 

Are the ILGM Autoflowering seed Mix pack seeds shipped to the USA?

Yay! ILGM ships these beans to the USA for free. Additionally, Aussies have something to keep them happy as there is also shipping to their state. In the case of an order above $150, ILGM offers free shipping to Australia. 

How do I know the seeds in the Autoflower Mix Variety Pack?

Well, ILGM brings these seeds in three different baggies, where, each baggie contains the labelled seeds. This is all in the quest to avoid confusion and help you know where exactly to plant which strain. 

Does ILGM have any other Autoflowering seed mix pack?

Truly. ILGM has other different autoflowering cannabis seeds mix packs. These comprise:

Why believe this Autoflowering Seed Mix Pack Write-up?

I have trialed different cannabis autoflower seeds and one thing is certain – not all are equal. I had loads of success while growing this ILGM autoflowering Seed Mix Pack, and I can comfortably tell you that these autoflowering pot seeds won’t dissappoint you. For the more than 20 years I have been growing pot, I can comfortably advise on the whats and whatnots of the cannabis beans industry.

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