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As of the moment, most people are asking, “what is CBD cigarette?” and it is the trendy buzzword among the smokables. Rather than the narcotic effects felt after consuming tobacco cigarettes probably due to nicotine, CBD cigars come from hemp with trace amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

That said, CBD cigarettes can’t get the user high or alter their mental consciousness in any way.

Those who struggle with tobacco/nicotine addiction, the best item of news that you undoubtedly will hear today is that hemp cigarettes help in counteracting the urge to smoke them.

In definition, a CBD cigarette is a cigar made from hemp plant matter with high amounts of Cannabidiol (CBD) and negligible amounts of THC.

The Legality of CBD cigarettes

Across all 50 American States, CBD products from hemp, specifically those that harbor up to 0.3% THC is legal.

This sees to it that some American investors are manufacturing CBD cigarettes and availing them for sale.

CBD products from hemp harboring up to 0.2% THC are legal across the European Union countries. That said, the citizens of those countries can buy or sell CBD cigars.

The Swiss law allows the consumption of up to 1% THC in Switzerland. Today, one can comfortably purchase CBD cigars from Coop Supermarket.

Benefits of CBD cigarettes

CBD cigars, being a CBD product, harbor significant amounts of CBD, just like any other CBD product. Some of their benefits comprise:

1.   Hemp CBD cigarettes have a high bioavailability

CBD Bioavailability is the rate at which a CBD product takes to get absorbed into the user’s bloodstream. Now that the only way to consume CBD cigarettes is through smoking, it means it takes the least time for the CBD to diffuse along with the bloodstream, thus achieving the intention for their usage.

2.    Ultimate replacement to tobacco cigars

Struggling with any form of addiction is deeply disheartening, especially when one wants to quit.

The same scenario applies to tobacco cigarette addiction. Unlike tobacco that when smoked and predisposed, it’s daunting to stop the craving, CBD cigarettes don’t bring about addiction.

Smoking CBD cigarettes may help one quit the addiction while giving them the associated therapeutic merits of Cannabidiol.

Among the most rampant questions in the CBD context is: Can CBD help you quit smoking cigarettes (tobacco)? The answer is simple – smoke hemp cigarettes and stay away from the harmful tar and nicotine in tobacco.

Uses of CBD cigarettes

What is CBD cigarette best for? See the uses below.

  • Solving different pain points

It matters not your way of consuming a CBD product. Provided Cannabidiol enters one’s body; they can enjoy the therapeutic and anti-inflammatory purposes of CBD.

The same case applies to hemp cigarettes. Provided it has the right cannabinoid levels; one can enjoy the benefits given by medical cannabis.

  • Recreational purposes

It may come as a surprise, but most hemp cigarette users smoke CBD cigarettes to feel good, energized, and garner overall mood enhancement.

Most recreational CBD cigarettes smokers enjoy themselves even more when they take the product with friends, thus making it their most favorite way to pass the time. 

  • Alleviating addiction

The fact that there is a plentitude of pieces of research that back up that the usage of CBD products helps in combating addiction prompts many to use CBD cigars.

It can unanimously get agreed that most people have seen positive results – from alcohol addiction to tobacco addiction to grass addiction.

  • Generating Income

There is a consistent demand for CBD cigarettes. Most investors are, therefore, pouring loads of cash in hemp cigarettes manufacturing to make the most income from the compound.

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